Erik Bang: the Bicycle Pro

Erik is, or at  least was, a the lead bicycle mechanic at Toledo Bikes. I took these years ago at University of Toledo when they were there doing tune ups for students.

I love the way this  picture turned out. The bike looks HUGE next to him. LOL!
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A Dreary Day… my birthday…

Honestly,  this is my favorite weather.  

Here’s I am, the birthday girl, with a grey sky behind me.

The Verazanno Bridge… beautiful fog consuming the top.

And a beach in Atlantic City. ..

What a beautiful birthday. .. 😁


Welcome to Bella Rose Photography. My company,  named after my children, (my dogs, really,) is in its budding phase. I’m beginning in New York City,  but will be taking it to Ann Arbor, MI.  

That’s me, Christina  D’Amato,  Photographer. I’m  32 years old, from Toledo,  OH, and desperately  trying to put together my portfolio and trying to make new connections for the benefit of Bella Rose. 

Now for the name inspiration…

There they are… 😊